New game project in D + OpenGL + SDL2


So like I said a few weeks back, I’ve started to mangle with D and OpenGL and SDL2 stuff, and it’s getting better and better all the time. Very small steps in the haxe/flash world are super gratifying in the C++/D world :D I currently have made a small, super simple 2d rendering engine I’ll use for prototyping, and ported a few of my tools from Haxe to D. Plus, I ported a variation of Artemis (, which is an Entity System framework. So far, I’m loving Entity Systems, but I still need to figure out a few things that would have been easy to do before (nothing too serious, but just cleanly identifying which identities are enemies and who the player is etc.).

The rendering engine currently is using OpenGL immediate mode and fixed pipeline…so both modern “no-no”s, but all that matters for now is that I see something on the screen and I can start designing the actual game!

I seriously recommend anyone who is interested in doing low-level stuff, and that has done Haxe or Flash dev before, check out D. It will feel (and be) low-level, but still give you enough to work with to feel comfortable. Much more than C++ imo.

The new game project will remain “secret” for now…the main reason being that I still haven’t figured out all the details of it, and I want to post some sort of screenies or demos first to see how the gameplay could work! :) So far I’ve been calling it “Planet Ranger”.

It might be something between Minecraft/Starforge/Osmos/Civilization/SimCity? :D Not very specific I guess…


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