Gears are creaking…

Haven’t updated this place in ages, but then again, I highly doubt anyone reads it anyways.

But for the sake of having a blog, here’s an update on things:
I’ve been super busy.
Music “career” had a small boost, record label and whatnot, but nothing too huge yet.

Zombie game is back on!
I restarted the engine from scratch redesigning the architecture like mad. It’s making working with the engine much easier, plus I’m using the NAPE AS3 physics engine to handle collisions, and so I should have more features than initially planned, and overall it’ll hopefully look very shpamtastic.

So far where I’m at is having the physics running and just boring engine stuff. Still have some things to sort out with weapons and object spawning in general…can’t figure out a good way to stick it all in and keep everything nice and clean between classes.

I’ll up a demo as soon as I get something interesting going, but a big feature add is the ability to drag objects in the game (thanks to using a physics library). I’ll probably be using that a lot for puzzles and also to hide from/block zombies (Penumbra/Amnesia style, except 2D)

Humdumdum…I guess that’s it for now. I’ve been working on a snazzy tech demo for some dynamic grass, not sure if that’s worth uploading yet either. But depending on how much I can optimize it/make it work, one more treat to be seen in the zombie game! It gets a very nice moving atmosphere.

Till next time, hopefully in the next month you’ll be seeing some stuff. And by “you’ll” I mean the Google web crawlers who are probably the only ones who check out my blog.


3 thoughts on “Gears are creaking…

  1. Hey Pedro!

    The project is sort of on hold, but I think I have an idea not only for dynamic 2D lighting, but coloured lights as well! I’m going to be playing with it this coming weekend to hopefully get it running in my current game project, which will hopefully be done in a weeks time. :)

    Afterwards, I’ll make a blog post about the algorithm, and hand out source code, sounds good?


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